Monday 18 July 2016

Summer at Broadway

Summer is upon us and our schools are now just a couple of days away from their long break. There has been no slackening of efforts on the chess front though.

Today I made my third and final trip of the school year to Broadway Junior School in Sunderland. 

Broadway have been utilising the CSC's First Move chess programme and their first year of chess, facilitated by Lisa Hastie, has been a very successful one.

Recently we hosted a special event featuring Broadway at Brambles and prior to that I had already enjoyed full days of chess back in October and April.

The three classes of children have enjoyed learning about chess all through the year and Broadway are about to renew with the First Move programme for 2016-7.

Today we tested - and hopefully expanded - the thinking skills of the children via a number of exercises, including quests and checkmate problems.

 We also played some Lightning Chess, during which the children had to play their best moves after a mere 10 seconds of thinking time.
In Lightning Chess we can take kings!
I had a go myself

I am hoping to visit Broadway three times over the course of the 2016-7 school year.

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