Monday 21 September 2015

In Their Own Words

I am currently collating the thoughts of our CSC Teesside children and will be presenting their words of wisdom here on a regular basis.

''Chess makes me feel determined; like I have to fend for my own kingdom. When I win, I practice to be perfect; when I lose, I practice to get better.''
Parul (aged 10)

''I enjoy chess because I really like to enjoy a friendly challenge. Playing reminds me of the people who are very good at chess, like Magnus Carlsen.''
Yusuf (8)

''I enjoy chess because it cheers me up, as I usually win my games.''
Henry (8)

''Chess is a mind game. You need to be patient. I play because I like it when you can see a good move and it is fun even if you lose - and it helps academically.''
Luke (10)

''Chess is a great way to portray your strategic talent and a great way to get your brain working. Chess is also a time to play with all ages and it helps you in many other subjects!''
Shrish (10)

''I like chess a lot because it is a very logical game and makes my brain think. My dad encouraged me to play more often. Now I feel more competitive and it has helped me in maths.''
Jasmine (11)

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