Tuesday 29 September 2015

In Their Own Words (6)

''I started chess when I was seven. I liked to dominate the people I was up against. I think chess is quite a big game to learn. I enjoyed the tournament when it was York. I got three points and I won a rosette.''

Libby (10)

''I enjoy chess because you learn new tactics to dominate your opponents. Chess is a logic game. You really have to think. It's fun.''

Olaf (10)

''I started chess at the age of eight. From that day forward I love chess. I play with my brother every day. I went to a competition with the school.''

Hamshithaa (11)

''I like chess because it is a challenging and skillful game. It makes you smarter and you can play it no matter what age you are.''

Leon (10)

''I like chess because it has lots of competitions and lots of prizes. It is very calm and fun to do.''

Kaif (10)

''I enjoy chess because it is a fun, tactical and strategic game in which one decision could get you in check. I play this game also because it's a fun relaxing game and takes my mind to something else.''

Hamis (10)

''Chess is a fun board game. It tests your mental strength and makes you concentrate. I really like chess because it spends your time and it is a lot of fun. So if you get in a tournament it will be memorable and challenging. It will also be lots of fun learning about different pieces and moves like skewers and pins. Chess is enjoyable and memorable because you can think ahead - and win or lose! Have some fun!''

Charlotte (8)

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