Tuesday 22 September 2015

In Their Own Words (2)

''When you play chess it improves your smartness and then you get to play in competitions. You have fun playing with your friends and at the end of the day it is just a game.''
Adhi (aged 9)

''I like chess because it makes me feel clever in front of my friends. Chess is very difficult and I enjoy having a challenge.''
Avanish (7)

''I enjoy chess because I like the meaning and the point of it and how the pieces move. It is a good game.''
Ben (7)

''My brothers played chess when they were little. I am going to follow their steps in life, to try and win every game that I play.''
Freya (7)

''Chess is a mind game because you have to think.''
Oscar (8)

''I like going to chess coaching because you can learn to beat other people and be good at chess.''
Ollie (8)

''I like chess because it can make you cleverer and it's like war but fun. You can do lots of special moves - like castling.''
Sara (9)

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