Monday 28 September 2015

In Their Own Words (5)

''I like chess because I love how you need to be able to push your skills and test them to see how good you are.''

Alex (10)

''I enjoy chess because it's fun and easy. You can participate in competitions. I enjoy playing lightning chess where you have 10 seconds then you hear a beep and you move.''

Katie (9)

''Chess is a lovely game. If you like challenges or problems chess is the thing for you. Chess is easy to learn; you will pick it up in a flash. I love chess so much because it is so much fun.''

Lili (9)

''I like chess because it makes you think outside the box. My best moments were coming third in the team tournament, being Best Girl in the U-11 Teesside Individual Championship and the first time I came into the class and instantly thought - I'm going to love this!''

Caitlin (10)

''I LOVE chess! Because of the brilliant Mr Marsh telling weird but wonderful jokes. I also love winning a game. My absolute favourite playing piece is the queen! I LOVE CHESS!''

Thea (9)

''The thing I like about chess is it's a complicated but fun game. The most memorable moment of chess is when I won a game by one point which I got at the last minute! Chess makes you concentrate and is also a calming game.''

Erran (9) 

''My best memory is at the Yarm tournament because I thrashed a boy in chess and his face went bright red and he stormed out of the hall crying!''

Shino (9)

''I think chess sis a very tactical game and you always need to be on the ball. I like chess because you have to be quiet and you have to win.''

Charlie (9)

''I like chess because you make friends and it makes you concentrate. My best memory of chess is beating my dad.''

Samuel (10)

''I like chess because it is interesting and fun. My best memory is when I went to Yarm School. My best place to play chess is in my room and downstairs with my family.''

Rebecca (9)

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