Tuesday 9 June 2020

Coming Soon: An Interview With Kineke Mulder

Kineke Mulder of Chess Unlimited was a key speaker at the 7th London Chess Conference in December 2019.

Photograph © John Saunders

Kineke presented a particularly inspirational piece on her hugely impressive outreach work in Vienna, which involves utilising public places to set up a series of constantly evolving chess scenes.

Photograph © John Saunders
I chaired the session and can confirm that it made a deep impression on the delegates at the time and also received plenty of highly positive feedback for the remainder of the weekend and beyond.

One quote in particular from Kineke should strike a universal chord:

'The magic of chess is...that it leaves no time for prejudice.'

We have kept in touch since the conference and the regular contact has been particularly welcome for me as I greatly appreciate the friendship support of highly positive people (even more so during times such as these).

Kineke and I both came up with the idea of interviewing each other for our respective sites at the same time.

Kineke interviewed me via Skype - details of which can be found here - and then it was my turn to ask the questions.

Photograph © Kineke Mulder

The first part of my interview with Kineke will go live tomorrow on this blog.

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