Thursday 11 June 2020

An Interview With Kineke Mulder: Part Three

Today we present the concluding part of our interview with Kineke Mulder.

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Photograph © Kineke Mulder

Do you local chess clubs offer any support - and have any of them gained new members from your initiatives?

I never asked local chess clubs for support.

Yes, chess clubs gained members from my initiative. Rasoul, Mo, Ben, Moshe, Iradj, Erwin, Siona, Teresa, Manfred... For the refugees it is a great opportunity to meet with Austrians on a regular basis.

Photograph © Kineke Mulder

Are you an active chess player? If so, where do you play (local club, tournaments...?)

Yes, active, but just for fun. Sometimes I join an Open tournament. When I join a Rapid tournament in Vienna (at a friendly chess club) my performance drops fast, due to all the “Wei├čer Spritzer” I drink during the event. Right now, when I join an online tournament, I am hanging around in the chatbox, neglecting my game...

Photograph © Kineke Mulder

Do you have the time to work on your own game?

Yes I have. So I should. Or could. But don't really.

Sometimes I do puzzles or watch videos. What I like the most is when a strong player takes the time to analyse a game of mine. I love the game and I get easily in a flow while playing chess. I love that state of mind and hope that is additionally good for my mental health.

In December 2019 you delivered an excellent presentation about Chess Unlimited at the London Chess Conference. I found it very inspiring. What were your impressions of the conference? Did you enjoy the experience and would you be willing to return for similar events?

Thank you for that fine feedback. I love the London Chess Conference and the organisers John and Stefan; I attended twice already. I found it very inspiring in total. Not only the speeches and the workshops but also – or especially – the talks in between. Yes, I would definitely like to take part again.

Photograph © Andreas Wuchte

And finally, what does chess mean to YOU?

A lot of fun and interaction. It is a great tool to get to know people and to keep the brain sharp.

Thank you very much, Kineke!

Kineke is already working on the return of outdoor chess events and while we discussion the interview she sent me this flyer.

A report on the event could well follow here on this blog!

Wanted: More people with Kineke's determination, commitment, resilience and faith. The world needs such positive role models more than ever before.

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