Monday 16 December 2019

New Check-MAT

With RTMAT Headteacher Leanne Chilton
Today, together with my trusty assistant Catherine Lloyd, I returned to the River Tees Multi-Academy Trust ('RTMAT') in Middlesbrough to follow up on our session from October.

The Multi-Academy Trust provides education and support for learners who are not currently accessing mainstream schools and we are keen to see if chess can a significant impact on the pupils.

Three children from our CSC Teesside schools are currently at RTMAT and they all excelled with their chess today.

We are very happy with the impact made during our five sessions today and we received many very positive comments. Some of the children would now like chess 'all day, every day.' 

That target might prove difficult to hit, but we are planning on building up to more regular sessions.

Well played, everyone!

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