Sunday 23 December 2018

LCC 2018: Junior Days

Juniors always play a major part in the success of the London Chess Classic. We had large amounts of children in action this time, with 400+ at Olympia every day for a week and another 50+ at Google HQ. These are big numbers and it is a testimony to the remarkable teamwork of CSC that everything runs so smoothly.

I was based at Google HQ for three days, together with Samantha Ali and a whole host of CSC tutors.

Grandmaster Daniel King was there to deliver his masterclasses, perform simultaneous displays and give a generous amount of his time to the children.

The best article written on the junior aspect of this year’s Classic was written by my friend and colleague Tim Wall and it can be found here.

I don’t want to duplicate any of Tim’s fine work here, but I can add a few photographs from the Google days of a very busy and highly productive week.

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