Sunday, 23 December 2018

LCC 2018: CSC Training Days

The Training Day Tour of 2018-9 continues to attract a lot of interest. We normally have two such days at Olympia during the Classic but this time the demand led to the addition of a third date.

There is an ongoing demand for London-based tutors and this is reflected in the number local delegates we entice to the days. However, this is by no means the full story and it is always humbling to hear of people travelling very long distances to participate. Hearing of two-hour journeys (each way) is becoming more frequent. This time one of our delegates had travelled all the way from Jersey.

This year’s Classic training sessions took place on 10, 14 and 17 December. Each one was full of remarkable people.

We spoke of many things, including the CSC curriculum and how best to use it, our mini-games, the benefits of chess and a plethora of others subjects. The group discussions are always fascinating and original.

One bonus enjoyed by people attending the London days is the opportunity to meet various other members of the CSC team. Another bonus is being able to see the world’s top players in action, although this aspect was complicated by the Grandmasters spending time at Google HQ before returning their natural Olympia habitat later in the week.

Thank you to everyone who attended our training days. I hope to work with you again, as soon as possible.

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