Sunday 23 December 2018

LCC 2018: Conferences

The 6th London Chess Conference proved to be the best of the series to date. The conference venue may a very successful switch of venue from the Hilton Hotel to the Irish Cultural Centre (as used for some of my training days). The facilities and staff were as excellent as always; hopefully we can return to this venue on a very regular basis.

Further reports and galleries will follow for the 6th London Chess Conference. We recorded many interviews and they are currently being edited by Etienne Mensch, who somehow found the time during his hectic schedule to teach me how to use various cameras and other pieces of equipment.

For other recent updates, head for the conference website.

The annual CSC Tutor Conference is an important part of the Classic. Apart from the essential informative aspect, it represents the one big annual opportunity for tutors to meet each other and to communicate face to face, rather than via email.

The first of the two days brought sessions on safeguarding and classroom management before concluding with a report on Project Scotland.

The second day featured a dissemination of information on a variety of topics, including a big report on the CSC prison project, the future of the curriculum and a light-hearted finale.

It was very good to see everyone and I am sure we were all able to discover new ideas and techniques over the course of the very busy weekend.

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