Thursday 18 October 2018


I have received so many wonderful messages tonight via text, messenger, Facebook and email regarding tonight’s appearance on The One Show.

Every message has moved me and every one was very welcome indeed.

I doubt there has ever been such a positive story about Teesside anywhere.

We are far more than the lazy stereotypical comments would have people believe.

I work with remarkable people every single day: children, parents, teachers, school staff. Some are battling against incredible odds; everyone has a story. They are all my heroes.

I firmly believe the work of the CSC is the single most positive factor to impact on the world of education in recent times.

I want the people of Teesside to stand up, believe in themselves, refute the blinkered reputations imposed by others and to see exactly what they can achieve with hard work and determination.

Everyone is capable of greatness. Dream it; do it. Be magnificent.

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