Wednesday 25 July 2018

CSC Training Day Tour 2017-8: London Finale

This year's CSC Training Day Tour has taken me to London (four days), Edinburgh (three days), Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds and Middlesbrough.

There has been a great demand for places on this year's courses and we even added an extra date in London, just a couple of weeks after what was originally intended to be the last leg of this year's tour.

I was delighted to be able to return to London one more time to deliver the finale of the 2017-8 tour. The venue was the excellent Irish Cultural Centre, just as it had been earlier in the month.

This was undoubtedly the hottest training day on the tour (in terms of temperature, not content, I hasten to add) with thermometers wearily pushing to 30 degrees.

Despite the heat, the 14 highly enthusiastic delegates worked hard all day on the various mini-games, written tasks and other challenges.

We also enjoyed the company and guidance of Chris Fegan, Aga Sapkowska and John Foley at various times throughout our busy day.

I loved working with everyone and we now have lots of new contacts, ideas and plans to pursue in the near future.

Thank you, everyone! 

Plans are already at an advanced stage for the 2018-9 Training Day Tour and I can hardly wait to start all over again.

We conclude with some photographs from our excellent day.

Chris Fegan addressing the delegates
Full house - with bonus artwork
The mini-games begin!

A written task in action
John Foley - the original CSC Tutor Trainer - addressing the delegates

There is always a lot to discuss when John is in town
John with Aga
With Aga, who is undoubtedly one of the hardest-working people I have ever met
The first-ever photograph of the three of us together 
Playing chess during a break!
Photo © Aga
Photo © Aga
Photo © Aga
Home time always comes around too soon, leaving me with the usual mixed emotions. Sadness that the day has come to an end but happiness that we have achieved so much over the course of a few short hours.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me at every stage on the 2017-8 tour and to all at Chess in Schools and Communities for having such faith in me to deliver so many training sessions.

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