Monday 9 July 2018

All Set for the Northern Gigafinal

Two of the three Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge Gigafinals have already concluded and now only the Northern leg remains.

This is, of course, the one that has the most relevance to CSC Teesside and it will be great to see so many of our stars in action over the course of the two days.

Yes, the games will tough throughout the competition but all I want is for all of our players to enjoy the experience and not to worry too much about the 'scores on the doors.' Just to be there is a fabulous achievement. Enjoy your victories and learn from your defeats but whatever the result, remember you are representing your school and the whole of Teesside. Just try your best, play fairly and remember to show your Teesside class.

The final of the World Cup will be doing its best to distract the players on the Sunday so all in all it is going to be a very exciting weekend indeed.

You can check the Gigafinal entries here to make sure you have entered.

Everything else you need to know has been collated here.

The UKCC is a massive event requiring an enormous amount of work. Just preparing and running our own Teesside Megafinal takes months and I can only speculate just how many hours Sarah, Alex and their dedicated team have to put in to make everything run so smoothly. I certainly appreciate their efforts (I don't think anyone, anywhere could do a better job) and I would like to think everyone else does too. If you enjoy the experience then why not thank them personally before the end of the weekend? It will only take a few seconds of your time and I know it always make a big difference to organisers of any events.

Sarah has somehow found the time to write an excellent and very useful blog post offering Tips for the Gigafinal, which is recommended reading.

Don't forget to come and say hello at the CSC stall!

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