Thursday 22 February 2018

Man With Two Shadows

Andrew MacQueen enjoyed his first shadowing sessions at the start of the month and after the half-term break he returned for more.

Some of these chess puzzles are tough!
Andrew was in action once again at both Brambles and Whale Hill and he helped the children with their workbooks and facilitated their Delancey UK Chess Challenge tournament games. 

White to play and checkmate Black in two moves
Andrew also found the time and energy to play a number of children simultaneously at the end of the day at Whale Hill.

Two days later I had a new shadow, in the form of Sean Cassidy.

Sean is the organiser of The Buffs chess club in Stockton and has been delivering high-quality chess sessions at Stockton Central Library since last Summer.

Sean shadowed me at Park End for a full day, testing all of the Year 3 and Year 5 children with some tricky chess puzzles before helping with their tournament games and then enjoying games with some of the pupils.

White to play and checkmate Black in two moves

He also enjoyed his first school lunch in quite a number of years.

Proof I eat my greens
Thank you, Andrew and Sean, for all of your hard work. Thank you to the pupils and staff of Brambles, Whale Hill and Park End for making our two special guests stars very welcome.

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