Saturday 3 February 2018

Library Project Marches On

Today we started the CSC chess sessions at Thornaby Library, thus making it the third Teesside Chess Library since we started the project in the Autumn of 2017.
Together with Chris Charlton of Tornaby Library and Brian Whitaker

Brian Whitaker, Chairperson of the Cleveland Chess Association and Thornaby Chess Club stalwart, is in charge of the Thornaby Library sessions and he made an excellent start today, with a group of people representing most bands on the age scale.

Who is winning the pawn game?

Brian in full teaching flow

Age gaps mean nothing in chess

I tried my hand at playing two games at once. Tough work!
Immediately after the Thornaby session I made my way to Stockton Central Library to catch up with Sean Cassidy's sessions there.

Of course we had been there just two days ago for the excellent Harry Potter event but we looked somewhat different without our wigs and cloaks.

Today's session saw another massive turnout and I was delighted to meet two old friends again for the first time since we worked together at Sacred Heart Primary a few years ago.

Ir's all happening! Why not come along and join the fun?

Further details of all our library projects can be found here.

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