Monday 16 October 2017

New Pupils at Broadway

The first of my three scheduled visits to Sunderland's Broadway Junior School took place today and I had the pleasure of meeting the two new classes of Year 4s.

Prior to today, my most recent visit had been back in April, when I worked with last year's Year 4s for the third and final time.

Long-term chess supporter and Year 4 teacher Lisa Hastie had already taught the new students half of the pieces and we were able to examine two more during my time there today.

It was a good day to be involved in an indoor activity, as the remains of Hurricane Ophelia had turned day into night with a sinister surfeit of Sahara sand.

Concentration is required while moving around the room like a chess piece
Today we covered the powerful queen and the tricky knight, utilising a range of mini-games, quests and other tasks.

Two brave volunteers demonstrate the Queen vs. Pawns mini-game
Suddenly everyone is playing
Make way for the Queen of Chess!
The children worked hard all day and I am looking forward to seeing how much they will remember by the time I return in the New Year.

Lots of questions from attentive students
Two more volunteers for a mini-game
I wonder who won?

The pain of defeat and the joy of victory

Thank you, Broadway!

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