Sunday 1 October 2017

23rd Yarm Chess Championships (2) Results

Here are the results from yesterday's exciting tournament, which featured 25 teams and over 100 juniors.

Yarm Preparatory School hosted the event and yet again proved they are the perfect hosts with the perfect venue. Thank you to all of the Yarm School staff who helped to make the event such a great success.


Champions: Yarm A, 17.5 points

Second: Yarm B, 13.5

Third: Yarm D, 11.5

11: Throston 

10: Whale Hill

9: Yarm C

5.5: Stockton Library

2: Yarm E

Yarm A started slowly, with a 2-2 draw against Yarm C, but showed their strength thereafter to end up as clear champions.

This section was notable also for the debut of Stockton Library, who have entered the world of competitive chess just two months after starting their sessions.


Champions: Yarm A, 15.5 points

Second: Westgarth A, 15

Third: Westgarth C 14

13.5: Yarm B

11: Sacred Heart, Westgarth B

10.5: Yarm C

10: Westgarth D

9.5: Broadway A

8.5: Hemlington Hall, Ings Farm

7.5: Whale Hill

5.5: Broadway B

The top scores were remarkably close and going into the last round any of the top four teams could have ended up as champions. Ultimately, Yarm A just pipped their rivals to the post, but Westgarth's presence in the top three places should be seen as a major statement of intent for the coming season.

Broadway impressed in only their second tournament and I am sure they will continue to move up the table in future events.


=1st: Fischer, Kasparov

=3rd: Carlsen, Capablanca

This section saw juniors from  Yarm School and Outwood Academy Bydales merged into teams of roughly equal strength, a point proved by the closeness of the scores.

We named the teams after famous world champions of chess. all of whom were extremely strong when they were young.

The tied third place ensured all of the older children went home with medals.

A gallery will follow in the next post.

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