Friday 21 July 2017

Park End KO Championship

My last chess tournament of the current school year was the Knockout Championship at Park End Primary.

122 children entered the tournament and here are the results from the latter stages, together with some captured moments from the tense games.

Photograph © Park End Primary Twitter

Park End KO Chess Championship 2017

Last 16

Reggie Foxton 1-0 Kai S. Kelly

Callum Daniels 1-0 Kai Kelly

Zane Yusefi 0-1 Kian Baines

Joshua Lloyd 1-0 Zak Marshall

Ian Robson 0-1 Danni-Leigh Harrison

Lillie Cunningham 0-1 Ebony Duffy

Sam Glew 1-0 Leonie Mulraney

Dominic Jamieson 1-0 Rio Joseph

Photograph © Park End Primary Twitter


Callum Daniels 1-0 Kian Baines

Joshua Lloyd 1-0 Danni-Leigh Harrison

Ebony Duffy 1-0 Reggie Foxton

Sam Glew 0-1 Dominic Jamieson

Photograph © Park End Primary Twitter

Joshua Lloyd 1-0 Ebony Duffy

Callum Daniels 0-1 Dominic Jamieson 

Photograph © Park End Primary Twitter

Dominic Jamieson 1-0 Joshua Lloyd

Roll of Honour

Champion: Dominic Jamieson

Joshua Lloyd

=3rd: Ebony Duffy, Callum Daniels

I presented medals to all four semi-finalists as part of the school assembly last Tuesday.

On the same day, we were very pleased to see Ian (winner of the parent's mini-tournament the previous day) when he came back into school to help with his daughters Y3 class during their chess session.

This very happy photograph concludes our reports on the year 2016-7.

Thank you to all of our schools for such a fantastic year of chess!

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