Thursday 6 July 2017

In Their Own Words (Series 2, Part 2)

I love chess. It is a fun game and I still like it when I lose but I am happier when I win. My favourite piece is the king.

Micah (aged 8)

I love chess. It is amazing, intriguing and it has lots of facts. Chess is my favourite game of all time.

Ilana (7)

Chess is 'chesstacular' because our chess teacher is in charge. Once I was against my friend an she won but I don't care because next time I will beat him. I like playing chess because it is challenging.

Alisha (8)

When I play chess I fell happy and excited and over the moon. Chess is a little bit hard and a thinking game.

Lily (9)

I like chess becaue it gives me new skills. Learning about chess has changed my life. I am inspired by our chess teacher.

Lucy (8)

Chess is great, amazing and awesome. I remember when I moved into this school and everyone knew chess but I didn't. Then I remember when I won for the first time. The memories are really interesting. I remember every single moment. It's really memorable.

April (9)

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