Monday, 17 July 2017

Park End Chess Parents

Park End Primary School in Middlesbrough continues to produce innovative chess events.

Today we delivered a Training Day for an eager set of parents, some of whom were more than a little tired of losing to their children at chess. 

It was time to turn the tables!

The morning sessions featured intensive coaching and some written work. 

We did spot one or two children entering the training room with flimsy excuses ('I'm just bringing this chair back') but we knew for sure they were simply there to spy on our hard work and preparation because...following an excellent school lunch the parents spent the afternoon playing their children!

Some of the parents played in a tournament as their final piece of preparation and, as the scores clearly show, it was a very competitive affair. Ian was crowned champion after many close battles.

Then it was time for the serious games as the children descended on the training room.

We didn't keep a full record of the scores (we didn't want to cause any family arguments between parents and children) but the expressions below should tell a few tales of their own...

Chess levels the playing field and breaks down all barriers. More chess in schools! More chess for all!

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