Thursday 2 April 2020

International Chess Challenge: Further Captures

We are pleased to report that our International Chess Challenge has resumed following a couple of weeks' readjustment due to the unusual global circumstances.

This is the last reported position. Black had just captured a knight with 11 ...Bxf3.

Hutt International Boys' School (New Zealand) v The Links (England)

Since then we have had these moves:

12 gxf3 

Capturing the bishop and dealing with the threat of 12 ...Bxd1

12 ...Nxd5

Capturing the pawn, stopping 13 dxc6 and establishing material equality.

This morning I received the latest move from Richard Catterall in New Zealand. His pupils spent some time deciding between exchanging the queens with 13 Qxd8 - bringing the game closer to the endgame - and keeping the queens on the board. They eventually chose the latter option.

13 Qe4

Hutt International Boys' School (New Zealand) v The Links (England)
A very interesting move, keeping as much tension on the board as possible.

Now let us see how The Links pupils will respond.

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