Sunday 19 April 2020

CSC ChessKid Plans Unveiled

CSC have been working on many new plans since the start of the emergency.

YouTube videos and Kahoot! quizzes are all ready to roll and will be made available very soon.

Today's article in The Sunday Times highlights another major aspect of our major new initiative - no fewer than one million free accounts on ChessKid, valid until 25 July 2020.

From The Sunday Times
Page Four, 19.4.2020

Of particular interest to CSC Teesside are the concluding two paragraphs, which feature Jessica, one of our star junior players from The Links Primary School and Catherine, who has been a very active supporter of chess over the course of this school year.

Thank you, ladies, for putting Teesside on the map once more.

Jessica - one in a million - enjoying using ChessKid

In the words of Malcolm Pein, CEO of CSC:

“Our initiative is designed to help parents keep their children engaged constructively in these difficult times in an activity that is also fun. We’d love to enable every child in every school and household to learn and explore this wonderful game of limitless depth. The charity has seen how learning chess can give some children who do not excel in other areas the chance to shine and the game’s universality makes it an ideal tool to improve social mobility.”

For further details, please visit the special Chess at Home section of the CSC website and the two ChessKid sections, one for schools and one for parents.

We have many more announcements still to come, so stay tuned...

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