Tuesday 25 February 2020

CSC Training Day Tour 2019-20: Newcastle

The latest leg of the CSC Training Day Tour was a little closer to home than my three January tour dates (Hull, Isle of Man and Dartmoor) although the sudden blast of snow on Monday had the (short-lived) potential to disrupt my trip North (as it did in 2017).

Fortunately, Tuesday brought an altogether brighter day, without even a trace of fog on the Tyne, ensuring the expedition to the City Library was as smooth as it had been in 2019.

The delegates worked hard and very enthusiastically all day long.

Tim Wall, CSC's Tyneside Regional Organiser, was on hand to entertain and instruct everyone too.

Seven more tour dates can be found on the CSC website. Why not enrol on one of them to see what they are all about?

Here are a few captured moments from yesterday's event.

Thank you, everyone!

Photograph © Catherine Lloyd

Photograph © Catherine Lloyd

Tim and I have known each other for nearly 40 years!

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