Tuesday 27 August 2019

Summer's End for the Home Education Group

Today brought the third and final Summer session for the Home Education Group.

We had a change of venue and enjoyed the welcome and hospitality of the Game On gaming cafe in Stockton.

We worked on checkmates problems, discussed pawn promotion, examine various tactics including pins, forks and skewers, practiced finishing off opponents when they were down to just their king and finished with some games.

I had a great day and it was wonderful to see everyone concentration so hard. 

There is no doubt at all that everyone in the group (adults as well as juniors) has improved their chess skills and understanding over the course of the Summer sessions.

Thank you, everyone - and especially to Fiona who once again organised everything so well.

I think the gallery will now speak for itself to say how much fun we had today.

All photographs above are © Fiona Tierney.

All photographs below are © me.

This would make a good pin!

Max has seen it all before.
 'It's checkmate in two moves, mate.'

Can I really move the pieces with this?
When games collide...

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