Sunday 3 March 2019

International Chess Challenge: Both Games On!

The King's Gambit between Yarm Senior School and Hutt International Boys' School in New Zealand is getting very lively.

We last saw the position after 4 h4.

Yarm Senior School v Hutt International Boys' School

Now both sides have moved again.

4 ...g4

Meeting fire with fire, Black refuses to allow the pawn structure to be dismantled and the threatened pawn moves forward, attacking the knight.

5 Ne5

Black to play
The knight moves to the most aggressive post. Often, in the King's Gambit, the knight will be sacrificed on f7 to further reduce the pawn protection of the black king.

Meanwhile, the game between Hutt International Boys' School ands Park End Primary has started too.

Park End Primary v Hutt International Boys' School
1 g3 e6

In contrast to the Yarm game, this one has seen a cautious start by both sides, which will see both sides developing their pieces calmly before any major conflict occurs.

White to play

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