Friday 23 November 2018

Training Day Tour 2018-9: Manchester

It was pleasure to return to Manchester for the November leg of the CSC Training Day Tour.

We had an excellent set of delegates with a wide range of skills, including teachers, parents, FIDE Master Alex Longson and people with 30 years of experience of teaching chess in clubs and schools.

Everybody relaxed quickly into the day and we felt a growing team spirit as the sessions progressed.

I am always guaranteed a warm welcome in Manchester, thanks in great part to the presence of my excellent friend and CSC Manchester Regional Organiser David Hardy.

The delegates learned about CSC, working in schools, our community work and tried for themselves some of the activities in our curriculum, including our mini-games. We also enjoyed numerous discussions on various subjects, including the benefits of chess in schools.

The other aspect of the day that provided great enjoyment was lunch at the training day's venue, the San Rocco restaurant.

Cancelled trains did not derail my enthusiasm for the day and I can honestly say that if the delegates enjoyed the day just half as much as I did, then I must have enjoyed the day twice as much as they did.

Nine more training days are currently on the CSC calendar and at least two more (Edinburgh and Middlesbrough) will be added soon.

Head here for further details.

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