Thursday 29 March 2018

Project 30: England International at Park End

Part of Project 30 is to bring top players to Teesside to inspire our local juniors.

Today we had England International Jacob Yoon at Park End Primary to help the children - and the staff! - with their chess.

Of course, Park End are no strangers to chess publicity. Last Summer, for example, they were famously featured on the ITV news. Today's visitor has had his share of the headlines over the years too, with this article being an early example.

Jacob, who came all the way from London for today's excellent day of chess, demonstrated his great chess skills by playing 10 games simultaneously in both of our Y5 classes. Jacob won every game!

After lunch, he entertained the staff with further wins in the staffroom.

Here are a few images from our busy day.

The England International has arrived at Park End!
Jacob made playing 10 games simultaneously look easy
Traditional school dinner photos

Mr Holmes was the second of Jacob's victims, lasting just four moves
Mrs Gaskarth lasted much longer, but still ended up losing

Miss Mains gave Jacob his toughest challenge of the day. Claiming to practise only on 'a Disney set at home', Miss Mains thwarted most of Jacob's attempts to force a brilliant checkmate and survived until the end of lunchtime. A fine achievement against an England International!
Jacob had to concentrate for this one
Miss Mains also claimed she 'makes chess cool' - and I'm certainly not going to disagree

Thank you, Jacob! Come back to Park End soon. The staff are after a rematch now they know how good you are!

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