Thursday 7 December 2017

9th London Chess Classic: Simultaneous Displays

Simultaneous displays by strong chess players are a great way to create interest and should be an essential part of every self-respecting festival of chess.

A month ago we enjoyed the company and chess skills of WFM Sarah Hegarty when she came to Teesside for an excellent simultaneous display, in which she played - and defeated - 20 eager young challengers.

This week at Olympia we have witnessed two of the giants of British chess taking on many players in simultaneous displays.

Grandmaster Jon Speelman was the first of the two stars to enter the arena and he successfully navigated potential difficulties to notch up a very high score on Monday evening.

Today saw Grandmaster John Nunn repeat GM Speelman's impressive feat against a typical range of ages and abilities so common to all such displays.

Here are some photos from both evenings.

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