Monday 11 September 2017

The Brian Kerr Award 2017

The Brian Kerr Award has released a number of bursaries 'to girls learning chess with CSC who demonstrate exceptional enthusiasm and achievement. These can be used for the costs of coaching, books/software or tournament travel expenses.'

Lily and Farrell of CSC Teesside have both received bursaries for the school year 2017-8.

Between them, they have:

• Won medals at the 2016 London Chess Classic (silver for Lily, bronze for Farrell).

• Been part of the winning Whale Hill team at the annual Teesside Chess Championships (level with Yarm School after beating them in the last round - a very signifiant achievement).

• Reached two consecutive Gigafinals (2016 and 2017).

• Been ever-presents in all of our domestic events for two years.

• Acted as perfect role models for chess players at Whale Hill and as perfect ambassadors for Teesside at the 2016 London Chess Classic and the Manchester Gigafinals.

I believe the funds awarded from the Brian Kerr Award will keep Lily and Farrell motivated and on the road for further improvement as they head into their third year of CSC chess.

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