Sunday 18 June 2017

In Their Own Words (Series 2, Part 1)

Last year we collated the thoughts of our young chess players to bring you their unique insights into the world of chess.

Today we begin the second series of In Their Own Words, which will continue over the months of Summer.

I have change nothing apart from various spellings.

The best thing about chess is that you learn new things every day and it is quite hard but I have a good memory so I can remember all the moves.

Joshua (aged 9)

I like chess because you develop new skills and a new talent. The very first time I played, I didn't know how to play but now I am really good. Every time I played my friend I lost until the last sessions when I beat him.

Spencer (aged 9)

The memories of chess are unforgettable. I can remember most of the things but my best memories would be playing chess games with my friends. I wish I could play chess every year. I feel so happy that I learned chess and I feel so happy and proud that so many people learn.

Ariela (aged 8)

I think chess has been one of the best things in my life. My favourite part about chess is not about winning but having fun while doing it and that's what all my memories have been about while playing chess.

Jake (aged 9)

I like chess and it is the best lesson because we don't have to do writing. It is fun and chess is awesome!

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