Saturday 5 August 2023

Library Visit

It was great to catch up with Sean C. and Nicky at their Stockton Library chess session today.

It is now six years since Sean C. and I started the club and it is still going very strong.

Sean C. has probably delivered more library sessions than anyone else in the country.

There were 23 people while we were there today and more arrived shortly after we left (with an almost exactly male/female split too).

Given that the rain was rarely less than absolutely torrential, the large attendance shows how well Sean C. and Nicky are doing to make the sessions vibrant and attractive to players of all ages and abilities.

It was also very good to see the incredible Alice Sturman, our most loyal junior of all.

Catherine found an excellent checkmate too.

Black had played very well up until the point his king decided to go for an ambitious walk.

Every White move now loses the game - expect for the one played in the game.

Can you see how to force checkmate on Black's king?

Here is a gallery from the fine day of chess.

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