Monday 1 May 2023

The Sixth Teesside Megafinal: Results

The Sixth Teesside Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge Megafinal took place yesterday at Yarm School's magnificent Princess Alexandra Auditorium.

We sold out of all the 150 places a week and a half before the closing date.

All five sections featured big battles for the main titles and is was great to see all of the players playing their part in making the day such a fabulous celebration of chess, whether or not they became champions.

Thank you to everyone who supported the event, including, of course, the magnificent control team of Johannes Grundman, Catherine Lloyd, Richard Harris and Mike Pointon

Here are the results (3.5/6 or more guarantees a place in the Gigafinals)


Section Champion and Best Boy: Tashil Lankapura, 6/6

=2nd and =2nd Best Boys: Dara Jafari, Jayden Wang, Rory Wilkinson, all 5/6

Best Girl: Scarlett Yang, 3.5/6

=2nd Girl: Zoyaa Soni, Alba Corker 3/6

Other Results

4.5: Spencer Wadsworth

4: Agam Vats, Monty Bowen, Bradley Murphy, Hugo Kelly, Harrison Gurney

3.5: Toby McNay-Prest, Jude Cardwell, Jack Smith

3: Edward Williams, James Shipley, Max Bloom, Paari Muthukrishnan, Jack Bell, Hudson Raine

2.5: Oliver Robson, Lewis Hough, Wilbur MacGregor-Smith, Nael Siddiqi, Max Skelton, Evie Mogg

2: Nina Jordan, Harry Lindberg, Edward Gildroy, Ziad Salim, Lily Farnaby

1.5: Jenson Morrow, Sia Sidaginamale

1: Noah Speight, Felicity Thompson


Section Champion and Best Girl: Aashita Roychowdhury, 6/6

= 2nd and 2nd Girl: Hasana Garuda, 5/6

= 2nd and = Best Boys: Parsa Mohibi, Yannick Haniffa

=3rd: Joseph Dodds, Henry Stanley 4.5/6

3rd Girl: Freya Hind, 4/6

Other Results

4/6: John Smith, Vidhyuth Kavin Sudagar, Ryan Liu, Yichen Zheng, Alexi White

3.5: Can Sezen, Manha Abdullah, Connor Pinder, Kaira Nalawade, Alexander Neal O'Kane, Isaac Brette, Zack Adamson, Miles Page, Isaac Machin, Rory Fitzgerald

3: William Garratt, Noel Adams, George Butterworth, Olly Rutter, Kavanpreet Sidhu, Dexter Macrae, Libby Betts

2.5: Phoenix Emadi, Maddison Green, Rosa Williams, Harrison Covell

2: Jack Fulcher, Antonia Cutting, Caoimhe Devlin, Sophie Allen, Stanley Dugdale, Jack Morgan, Eric Pinedo Fuentes, Isabelle Little

1.5: Louise McGarry, Anwita Dara, Penny Boyes

1: Cooper Willis, Reuben Snape, Tyler Beazley


Section Champion and Best Boy: Sagar Patil, 5.5/6

2nd and Best Girl: Renee Liu, 5/6

=2nd Boys: Samuel Stevenson, Monty Van Niekerk, Stanley Allan, all 4.5/6

2nd Girl: Nikita Suryadevara, 3/6

3rd Girl: Annabelle Lyver, 0/6

Other Results

4: Noah Blake

3.5: Jake Gray, Taylor McConvill

3: George Forshaw, Oluwarotimi Akanmu, Monty Ridgway, Griff Williams, Sid Suryadevara, Hubert Hildebrandt

2/6: Zak Walker, Arthut Stead, Alexander Wormald

1.5: Finnley Marsh, Tiger Chahal

1: Flynn Robsinon


Section Champions and = Best Boys: Wesley Park, Joseph Machin, Aryan Nalawade, all 4.5/6

Best Girl: Natasha Pointon, 2.5/6

Other Results

3.5: Stefan Carp, Vinh Han, Johan Haniffa, Ewan Flynn, Finn Whitfield

3: Oliver Walton

2.5: Morrison May

2: Harry Bryan

1: Linkin Anderson

0: Heath Jones


Section Champion and Best Boy: Saisparsh Sidaginamale, 5/6

Best Girl: Alice Sturman, 3.5/6

2nd Boy: Andrei Carp, 4.5/6

3rd Boy: Harry Tennant

Other Results

3.5: Ajay Selvan

3: Avanish Batra

2.5: Finn Davie

2: Rhys Orton, Samuel Turner

A gallery will follow in the next blog post.

If you would like to play in another Megafinal, then please head for the UKCC website.

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