Thursday 8 December 2022

ECF Book of the Year 2022 Presentation

The ECF Book of the Year presentation took place two days ago. Grandmaster Michael Adams was unavailable, but he did send this message:

''I’m sorry that I can’t be with you in person, but wanted to thank the judges for your kind words about our book, and for awarding it the 2022 ECF Book of the Year award.

I would also like to thank Phil, without whom the book would never have come about, and our publishers Quality Chess for committing to this project.

When you are writing a book you can never be sure how it will be received, especially given the unusual format of our collaboration, even though I was very attracted to Phil’s original concept.

So, it has been very satisfying to receive so much positive feedback from readers, and winning this award is very gratifying, and makes all our hard work worthwhile.''

As the third part of the trio of judges, I was unavailable too. We normally make the presentation at the London Chess Classic which is, alas, taking a break this year.

Further details on Think Like a Super-GM can be found here.

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