Friday 8 July 2022

Jacob Young MP - Chess Player!

Jacob Young MP came to Ings Farm Primary School today to join in with our chess lessons.

Jacob joined us in the middle of a game of The Ultimate King Hunt, in which Black starts with just a king and the class has to take in turns to come to the front and make a move, with the aim of checkmating the black king as soon as possible.

Having taken his seat and quietly awaited his turn, Jacob eventually had his chance to come out and play his move.

White to play and checkmate the black king in one move

Jacob, who used to enjoy playing chess with his Grandfather, showed he has lost none of his skill as he played Bf4, checkmating my king.

There is no escape!

Jacob went on to enjoy one of our Kahoot! quizzes (he chose the one on the bishop, just to remind me of his winning move) and then helped the children with their games.

It was an excellent day and we were helped by chess tutor Catherine Lloyd, Ings Farm teachers Mrs Williams and Mr Senior and, of course, the magnificent Ings Farm children.

Jacob clearly enjoyed his time at Ings Farm, as shown by his post on Twitter.

Thank you, everyone, for helping to make it such an enjoyable and memorable day.

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