Thursday 21 April 2022

Delancey UKCC News

Sarah and Alex Longson of the Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge have released a major update for this year's events - including details on playing chess at Blenheim Palace!

Full Event Calendar Now Confirmed

With 17 ‘over-the-board’ Megafinals plus online options available we’re delighted to confirm all dates for the 2022 Delancey UKCC calendar have now been announced.

The Terafinal is again taking place at the fabulous Blenheim Palace, the seat of the Dukes of Marlborough, on the weekend of 15/16 October.

We are also running a Challengers event on 17/18 September at the Mercure Daventry Court Hotel with similar conditions to Terafinals gone by.

To register for a Megafinal there are two options:

1) Parents register directly via the website

2) Schools can register and pay for players in bulk (discounts available)

If you wish to takeup the second option please get in touch via

There are three Gigafinal dates:

Northern (Manchester) - 9th and 10th July

Southern (Harrow) - 23rd and 24th July

Online - 3rd and 4th September

Check out the full UKCC 2022 calendar.

The latest Megafinals to be added are:

Edinburgh – 28th May

Somerset – 12th June

Shropshire – 25th June

The full list is below (includes quick links to event page):

Saturday 30th April – Surrey U9s Megafinal (only a few spaces left)

Sunday 1st May – Teesside Megafinal (last few spaces remaining)

Online Megafinals 18/19 June and 2/3 July

Hope to see your students at a chess event soon!

Kind regards
Sarah Longson
CEO – UK Chess Challenge

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