Saturday 16 January 2021

School Sessions and Role Models

Time for an update on the situation with our CSC Teesside schools.

We have been working very hard on alternative plans for chess delivery and we now have nine of our Teesside schools enjoying our online lessons. Others are in the pipeline too.

We are delivering the lessons across a range of platforms.

Some of the school classes are almost as large as they would be under normal circumstances.

Sometimes we teach to two or more classes at the same time.

Other sessions see our tutors linking up with children in the school classrooms and also with the children who are in their own homes, who are able to access our lessons on their own devices.

All of the children are excited to be back in chess action. We are energised by their excitement, commitment, smiles and dedication.

We enjoy excellent support from the relevant members of staff and from the parents of the children who join in from home. The parents are participating, learning and playing chess too.

All of the CSC Teesside tutors meet online regularly to share plans, experiences and other thoughts on how we can all improve.

It is a testament to how much our schools, staff and children value our chess sessions. 

Our success did not fall from the sky. Richard, Dave, Sean C. and honorary CSC Teesside tutor Jo have trained hard to upgrade their skills in several key areas, worked even harder and never once shirked a single challenge.

Thank you to everyone who refused to run up the white flag and decided instead to tackle the new challenges head-on.

Please, don't anyone dare tell me there aren't any role models left in this strange old world. 

They were right there in front of you, all of the time.

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