Sunday, 15 November 2020



The London Chess Conference will be held on the weekend of Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 December.

Circumstances have rather forced our hand to make the entire conference and online affair. 

However, there is an element of serendipity here as the theme was already set as Chess and Technology.

This is from the official website:

ChessTech2020 is the premier chess related conference in the world. Its name reflects the topic: Chess and Technology. This is the Eighth in the sequence of London Chess Conferences since 2013. 

Meet the leaders and pioneers of online chess, discover new products and services, debate cheating and learn about the latest chess-related research!

This year our theme is Chess and Technology with special regard to online learning, teaching and training. 

The conference is held online through video conference with networking opportunities through digital kiosks. 

There will also be a business competition for start-ups.

Topics 2020

Cheating and Anti-cheating
Hybrid Events
Digital Strategy
Digital Formats
Online Learning Systems
Integrated Hardware
Playing Platforms
Let’s Make Chess Greener
Online Projects for Girls and Women
New Journalism Formats and much more

General admission is free this year and there is an upgraded Professional Ticket, priced at £50, for those who would appreciate a plethora of extras.

Head to the official website for further details.

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