Saturday 29 August 2020

International Chess Challenge: The Queen and the Knight Resume Their Dance

Today we present more moves from our International Chess Challenge.

This was the position when we last saw the game.

Hutt International Boys' School (New Zealand) v The Links (England)

Hutt now brought their knight back to defend the king with 22 Nd2.

The Links temporarily ignored the attack on their queen and moved their own knight in to check the white king with 22 ...Nc2+

This forced the white king to run away with 23 Ke2 and The Links replied with 23 ...Qd5, which brings us fully up to date with the moves so far.


The Links hold an advantage in material (three extra pawns) and Hutt's king is in trouble.

Yet we all know a game of chess can turn around very quickly, so neither side can afford to relax their efforts.

Stay tuned for further developments!

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