Friday 24 July 2020

Another Goodbye

Unfortunately we lost another friend this week, with the passing of Julian Farrand.

Julian was always very kind to me and I have had conversations with numerous people this week who said they were all treated very kindly by him too.

He loved chess and had recently taken up the challenge of playing via the Internet.

Julian - together with his great friend, Ray Edwards - welcomed me to the English Chess Federation Book of the Year panel in 2016.

We enjoyed many discussions about chess literature over the years. We didn't always agree on which four books should make the shortlist but it was always a lot of fun discussing our respective choices.

I learned a lot from Julian. He was a good friend, a kind person and a true gentleman. 

The photograph is one of my favourites. Left to right we have Ray Edwards, Natasha Regan, Matthew Sadler, Julian Farrand and me.

We had just presented Natasha and Matthew with the ECF Book of the Year award at the London Chess Classic.

Julian will be greatly missed by many people.

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