Sunday 10 June 2018

7th Teesside Individual Junior Chess Championships: Results

Thank you to everyone who supported yesterday's big tournament at Yarm Preparatory School.

With 132 entries from a total of 20 different schools, it is safe to say the event was a terrific success.

We had lots of new champions and, as usual at our tournaments, I preferred not to use any tie-breaks and instead awarded the titles, trophies and medals to all of the players tied on the top and relevant scores. 

Mr Harris, Mr Pointon and Mr Weightman all worked hard to help me control the tournament sections and as always I am indebted to Mr Grundmann and the Yarm Preparatory School staff for their invaluable help before, during and after the event.

The children were magnificent. A lot of them were making their tournament debuts and they will have gained valuable experience over the course of the day. Ultimately, the amount of points scored doesn't matter. It's all to do with the experience, the determination to improve and, most of all, simply, having fun doing something they all enjoy.

I am sure that all of the players - whether they scored 0/5, 5/5 or anything else between - will see their strength has improved once they return to playing at their own schools.

Further reports and galleries will follow over the nest few days, but to start with here are results of the 7th Teesside Individual Junior Chess Championships.


1st and Teesside U-7 Boys’ Champion:

Oskar Rooney (Whale Hill), 4.5/5:

2nd: Zane Barznji (Whale Hill), 4/5

=3rd: George Forshaw (Yarm), Felix Song (Whinstone), 3.5/5

3/5: Olly Bruce (Throston), Louie Lambert (Whale Hill), Adam El Kandoussi (Whale Hill)

Teesside U-7 Girls’ Champions: Anushri Wadehra (Yarm), Aisling Timmons (Yarm), Kasey Walker (Whale Hill) all 2.5/5

2/5: Daniel Howell (Yarm), Alfie Ridsdale (Pennyman), Isabelle Evans (Pennyman), Ava McCluig (Pennyman), Jack Bolton (Throston)

1.5/5: Sophie Meadows (Whale Hill), Willow Thompson (Whale Hill)


=1st and Under-9 Teesside Boys’ Champions:

Aryan Nalawade (Yarm) and Aditya Paul (Yarm), both 5/5

=3rd and Under-9 Teesside Girls’ Champions: Natasha Pointon (Yarm) and Farrell Scott (Whale Hill) both 4/5

Also =3rd: Noah Coulman (Yarm), Sabeeh Qureshi (Yarm), Adam Paul (Yarm), Ethan Phillips (Westgarth)

3.5/5: Effie Poole (Westgarth), Edward Lamb (Yarm),

Marshall Lancaster (Ings Farm)

3/5: Lily Cox (Yarm), Kate Howell (Yarm), Harshini Ramkumar (Stockton Library), Aidan Bainbridge (Whale Hill), Minu Palat-Meethale (Yarm), Jack Wilkinson (Whale Hill), Harry Charlton (Ings Farm), Max Thornton (Westgarth), Noah Todhunter (Throston), Harvey Leech (Wheatlands), Lily Tattersall (Whale Hill), Isobel McGlade (Yarm), Cole Addison (Wheatlands)

2.5/5: Zachary Green (Throston), William Makepeace (Wheatlands), Albie Finn (Westgarth)

2/5: Alex Hird (Wheatlands), Alfie Hopwood (Wheatlands), Ruby Todhunter (Throston), George Oliver (Pennyman), Daniel Bland (Westgarth), Mustafa El-Sherif (Yarm), Leo Breeze (Wheatlands), Leon Rushton (Westgarth), Samuel Shawcross (Yarm), Leon Li (Whale Hill), James Goodall (Yarm)

1.5/5: Ben McEvoy (St. Aidan’s), Taylor Pearson (Ings Farm), Tanveer Timmons (Yarm), Elizabeth Neilson (Yarm), Deja Romeu (Whale Hill), Lawrence Wilson (Whale Hill)

1/5: Oscar Watson (Whale Hill), Isobel Campbell (Westgarth), Fraser Black (Westgarth), Hajra Shahzad (Yarm), Amelie Sawyer (Yarm), Chloe Lodge (Whale Hill)


1st and Under-11 Teesside Boys’ Champion:

Henry Parker 5/5

2nd and Under-11 Teesside Girls’ Champion:

Alice Sturman (Westgarth), 4.5/5

=3rd: Sai Sidaginamale (Yarm), Avsanish Batra (Yarm), Ajay Selvan (Yarm) all 4/5

3.5/5: Oscar Thomas (Yarm), Benjamin Walker (Hemlington Hall), Yusuf Syed (Yarm)

3/5: Max Mowbray (Yarm), Benjamin Clayton (Westgarth), Alex Gray (Westgarth), Samuel Bolton (Throston), Nathan Li (Whale Hill), Ella Field (Billingham South), Max Brighton (Wheatlands),
Eleanor Whitwell (Ings Farm)

2.5: Grace Wilson (Westgarth), Noah Clayton (Westgarth), Ameen Khunda (Yarm), Ella Mae Francis (Wheatlands), Thomas England (Wheatlands)

Benjamin Stevenson (St. Aidan’s), Freya Costello (Westgarth) Samuel McGreal (Westgarth), Grace Crawford (Yarm), Matthew Finn (Westgarth), Zak Marshall (Park End), Tenuk Mendis (Yarm)

1.5/5: Hannah Allen-Ayre (Westgarth), Akira Bartram (Westgarth), Eleanor Lamb (Yarm), Adam Addison (Yarm)

1/5: Eve Siddaway (The Links), Isabel Kelly (Ings Farm), Rowan Garrett (Ings Farm), Heidi Himsworth (Whale Hill)

0/5: Jay Hughes (Hemlington Hall)


=1st and Over-11 Teesside Boys’ Champions:

Gautam Sathyamurthy (Yarm), Crispin Roundtree (Yarm) 4.5/5

3rd: Ihsaan Mahmood (Yarm), 3.5/5

Over-11 Teesside Girls’ Champion: Aishani Paul (Yarm), 2.5/5

2.5/5: Alfie McMonagle (Outward Academy Acklam)

2/5: Michael Darcy (Yarm), Vignesh Janakiraman (Yarm), Shrish Nair (Yarm)

1.5/5: Sophia Kusterer (Yarm)

Summary of Champions


Boys:  Oskar Rooney
Girls: Anushri Wadehra, Aisling Timmons, Kasey Walker 


Boys: Aryan Nalawade, Aditya Paul
Girls: Natasha Pointon, Farrell Scott


Boys: Henry Parker
Girls: Alice Sturman


Boys: Gautam Sathyamurthy, Crispin Roundtree
Girls: Aishani Paul

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