Wednesday 9 May 2018

2018 Teesside Megafinal (4)

Today we conclude our coverage of the 2018 Delancey UK Chess Challenge Teesside Megafinal with a final gallery (from the prize giving ceremony) and a summary of the champions and qualifiers.

Supremos and Supremas

These quaint titles are on of the traditional trademark touches of the UK Chess Challenge.

Various complicated tiebreak methods are utilised to determine which people take the title in the event of shared places and for Teesside the respective Supremo and Suprema 2018 titles go to:


George Forshaw
Olivia Kennedy

Noah Coulman
Hannah Weid

Jack Tickle
Lily Tattersall

Ajay Selvan
Grace Crawford

Yusuf Syed
Alice Sturman

Shrish Nair
Aishani Paul

Gautam Sathyamurthy

Crispin Roundtree

Gigafinal Qualifiers

Here is the roll of honour for our 2018 Gigafinal qualifiers.

Olivia Kennedy, Zane Barznji, George Forshaw, Oskar Rooney, Aisling Timmons, Olly Bruce, Sophie Hall, Noah Coulman

Zachary Green, George Oliver, Hannah Weid, Wyatt Girling,
Natasha Pointon, Minakshi Palat Meethale

Jack Tickle, Aryan Nalawade, Lily Tattersall, Aditya Paul, Harry Charlton, Cody Braithwaite, Frankie Parker, Edward Lamb, Niamh Boddy, Effie Poole, Marshall Lancaster, William Hepples, Wilf Thompson, Ewan Flynn

Ajay Selvan, Alex Gray, Liam Marshall, Samuel Bolton, Avanish Batra, Ella Field, Grace Crawford, Thalia Smith

Yusuf Syed, Henry Parker, Saisparsh Sidaginamale, Alice Sturman, Sebastian Chambers, Ben Clayton, Gautam Sathyamurthy, Crispin Roundtree, Ihsaan Mahmood, Shrish Nair, Alfie McMonagle, Aishani Paul.

Gigafinals can be entered here. The Teesside names will be available on there soon and then it will simply be a case of finding a qualifier's name on the drop-down arrows.

This concludes our Megafinal coverage for 2018. A decision will be taken later regarding the possibility of a Megafinal on Teesside for 2019.

Meanwhile, we hope our new qualifiers will enjoy the 2018 Gigafinals.

2018 Megafinal Index


Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3 and summary

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