Sunday 7 January 2018

Billingham Synthonia Junior Chess Club

The Billingham Synthonia Chess Club now has a special junior section, details of which can be found in the picture.

Here are some club rules, quoted from the Billingham Synthonia Chess Club Facebook page:

''Some rules!

1. All parents must accompany and stay at the Chess Club, at all times!

2. Chess Boards must be reset after play.

3. All Players must shake hands before any Chess game starts and shake hands at the end of play

4. No name calling of any player. No matter how badly they have lost their game. We all make bad mistakes while playing. A simple, “Thank you for the game”, is much better.

5. Always be helpful by saying, “Can I show you where you went wrong”. As your opponent might just learn something from you.

Billingham Synthonia Chess Club have decided to run this Junior Chess Club after a lot of people asked if we had one. So here it is! We want to see what response we will get from Billingham and see if this will take off as a regular part of the Chess Club.

Learning to play Chess is like learning how to read. A little bit at a time! So, all are welcome to come and learn, children and adults. You just might find a new hobby playing Chess.''

A full list of Cleveland Chess Association clubs can be found here.

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