Wednesday 17 May 2017

7th CSC Teesside Team Tournament

Today's tournament featured teams from 13 different schools and acted as a showcase for our local chess talent. We had players all the way from Y2 to Y6, with some making their tournament debuts and others playing their final games for their respective school teams.

Yesterday's history post shows the previous winners. Who would be triumphant on this occasion?

Mrs Watson and The Avenue were the perfect hosts; the playing conditions and facilities were excellent.
Mrs Watson is undoubtedly one of CSC Teesside's top supporters
We played two rounds on the Jamboree system (the best way to handle lots of teams over a short number of rounds).

Two teams shared first place after the highly competitive first round: Sacred Heart and Westgarth. Sacred Heart were the defending champions and they were clearly very keen to keep hold of the trophy! Several teams were hovering close behind, hoping the leaders would slip.

The second round was even more competitive than the first (although everyone played in a very sporting manner, of course).

Sacred Heart couldn't quite keep their early pace going and this allowed Throston and Billingham South to become the main challengers to leaders Westgarth.

Westgarth held onto their lead - just! - to take first place. Billingham South finished in second place and Throston took bronze.

Final Scores

7.5/8: Westgarth 

Westgarth are the new champions!
7/8: Billingham South 

Silver for Billingham South
6.5/8: Throston 

Bronze for Throston
5.5/8: Sacred Heart, Wheatlands

5/8: Ings Farm

4.5/8: Park End, Whale Hill

2.5/8: Hemlington Hall

2/8: Eskdale

1/8: St. Benedict's

0.5/8: The Avenue

0/8: Pennyman

Congratulations to everyone on being part of a fabulous afternoon of chess!

Thank you to all adults who helped with this event. Your support is greatly appreciated! 

The 8th CSC Team Tournament will be hosted by Park End around the same time next year.

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