Thursday 9 March 2017

Chess Parents in Action!

Last year Park End Primary School invited me to run a special series of Training Days for the staff.

This year we have started reaching out to the parents of the children who currently enjoy CSC curriculum sessions at the school.

The first - very brave! - set of parents were understandably a little nervous to start with. However, barriers and nerves were conquered during the very first round of pawn mini-games.

A mug of tea and a game of chess. What more could one possibly want...? 

Chess is a very serious game, of course.
I was not short of volunteers when it came to moving around the room like chess pieces.

The start of the Bishop's remarkable journey...
...and the conclusion to the diagonal-only perambulation. 
A helping hand.
A volunteer Rook, keeping on the straight and narrow.
'You should have worn my Fitbit for me while you did that', remarked one impressed observer.
Another helping hand.
The brave parents are eager for more!

The brave parents are now very keen to attend more sessions and are almost ready to challenge their children!

Thank you everyone, it was a very memorable afternoon.

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