Sunday 5 February 2017

London Expedition Reunion

Tonight brought a reunion event for those involved with our most recent chess trip to London.

We returned to Hollywood Bowl at Teesside Park and followed that up with a trip to Pizza Express.

The evening started very well when Paul bought me a cup of tea
Paul hits a strike on his way to a fine second place
Fearsome bowling juniors
More of the same - but slightly older 
One way to stop your opponent winning, I suppose.
However, Farrell picked herself up to win the battle of the junior lane.
Sonia and Zoe are long-term supporters of CSC Teesside.
Sonia was tonight's champion bowler!
Silence descends...temporarily, at least
Enjoying the starters
Would you believe Lily left those peppers!
CSC Teesside and a whole load of pizzas 
Harrison and Paul. Harrison brought some excellent new jokes to the table
My smiling onion 
Aren't they tired yet...!?
Our reunion coincided with Farrell's birthday!
Make a wish: 'I wish we could go to London again!'
What a thoroughly enjoyable evening! Spending time and having lots of fun with one's favourite people is something we should all endeavour to do more often. There is already talk of another reunion...

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