Monday 19 December 2016

CSC London Chess Classic Training Courses

There were two CSC Training Courses at the London Chess Classic. Sarah Kett delivered an excellent day on the Friday (I was able to call in a couple of times between the chess activities with my juniors).

I took over room 305 on the Saturday. 

Festive cups!
Training courses always bring in a fascinating variety of delegates and this one was no exception, as it featured very strong chess players and teachers unfamiliar with the finer points of the rules.

Some of the delegates were London-based, but others were from further afield. Ed travelled the furthest - he flew in from Belfast for the day! 

This was the first time we had run a training day on the final Saturday of the Classic but the attendance was very healthy (12 people) and the delegates worked very hard all day.

As usual, we started with some introductions and ice breakers before getting stuck in to the series business of the day, including mini-gamnes, chess variants, classroom management, a brief history of the CSC, the benefits of promoting thinking skills via chess and a whole range of other subjects fuelled by open sessions based on questions from the delegates.

Paul, moving around the room like a Rook

Nivedita, in full Queen mode

Mini-games in action

Maharajah mate!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with my group and I hope to see them all at future events.

Anyone interesting in attending a CSC Training Course should keep an eye on this page.

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