Saturday 12 November 2016

Secret Preparation

CSC Teesside have a very special expedition coming up in December and tonight we got our squad together for some top-secret training and preparation.
If the forthcoming event (about which more later) has anything to do with bowling or eating pizzas then we will definitely be in with a chance.

Another strike!
And...oh well, perhaps not...
One day we hope to be as good as the children
Lawrence is the champion!
So is his Dad!
Pizza time...
Specific instructions
No salad-dodgers in CSC Teesside. Oliver has crammed in six of his five-a-day
Chess players don't always see forks
Please don't touch my pizza while I am taking this photo!
The girls kept us amused with their extraordinary range of advertising jingles
Ice cream sundaes - on a Saturday
Who needs spoons?
CSC Teesside are pleased to announce they are now ready for their London expedition. The only question that remains we think London is ready for CSC Teesside...!?

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