Monday 17 October 2016

Broadway Chessday

Today brought my first Sunderland Broadway Junior School Chessday of the new school year.

The story of Broadway chess can be discovered by reading this post from last Summer. I spend one full day per term at Broadway to supplement their First Move chess programme. All of the other chess at Broadway is masterminded by Year 4 teacher and long-term chess supporter Lisa Hastie.

I introduced the Year 4s to the chess board, the pawns and the bishops and they played lots of min-games with those pieces.

The children were playing mini-games in no time at all.

70 new children have now been introduced to chess and it will be interesting to see if they can match the fine achievements of last year's players.

The day was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to my next trip to Broadway, which will probably be in April 2017.

Meanwhile, it was great to catch up with last year's Year 4s - this term's new Year 5s! - as they told me how much they had enjoyed the recent Yarm Chess Championships. More tournament opportunities will follow soon!

Broadway at Yarm School

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