Wednesday 2 March 2016

Interview: Tom - Silver Medalist

Photo © Steve Armstrong
Last week we interviewed Captain Caitlin of the London Expedition. This time we present an interview with Tom, who won a silver medal at the 2015 London Chess Classic. 

Q: How did you feel about the whole London experience?

Well, the time there was pretty fun...! Quite nice restaurants in London.

Photo © Steve Armstrong
Studying with CSC Tutor Jerzy Dybowski
Q: A connoisseur!  How about the chess itself? Did you feel nervous about your games?

I wasn't worried about them. I was actually excited to see who my my opponent would be. Some of them were very cocky, trying to show that they were so good but I was better than them.

Q: You taught them a lesson?


Q: What was your final score?

14 out of 15. I came second.

Q: How many wins and draws was that?

I won four and drew one. They stopped one game just before I was going to take his rook and I would have won. That would have been five wins.

Q: Four wins and one draw is excellent by anyone's standards. I understand you won something at the tournament. What was it?

I won a silver medal, which I'm wearing now!

Q: Did you get to see the World Champions in action?

Well...we missed them, but Caitlin stayed to watch.

Q: Caitlin showed great dedication.

Yes, but she missed going to Five Guys.

(Captain Caitlin: 'I don't care!')

Five Guys is the best!

Q: Anyway, never mind about Five Guys. What else about the London expedition stuck in your mind?

It was fun all the time. We played tig, my sister set a croissant on fire...Oh! And the theatre was class.

Q: Do you go the theatre often?

Photo © Steve Armstrong

Q: What else have you seen at the theatre?

I've seen Cinderella, and all this girly stuff...because my Dad keeps getting free tickets from work.

Q: Do you feel you are a stronger player following the London games?

Every time I play chess I feel I'm a stronger player.

Q: Did you enjoy playing people you didn't know?

Yes. Some people asked me where I was from. They had no clue! I told them - Teesside.

Q: And they had no idea where that was?

Nope! They had no idea.

Q: Well, they sure know where it is now. If you had the chance to go to London again to play chess, would you take it?


Photo © Steve Armstrong

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